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We Place an Importance on Family
Highland Baking Co. is family-owned and operated. Founded in 1984 by Jim and Gail Rosen, we’ve made it our mission to work closely with companies in the foodservice industry–large and small, independent and chain–to deliver the freshest-tasting and highest quality breads, buns and rolls.

We’re a family business in more than just the traditional sense. Jim Rosen is a third generation Chicagoland bread baker, and the next generation, Stu and Cheryl, have joined the company. But, to us, the true meaning of “family business” is the bonds we make with all of our customers. We want you to succeed and we will do whatever we can to help you achieve your goals. Meet our family.

Bread is our Passion
There is a wide breadth and depth to the offerings prepared in our ovens. We bake, fresh freeze and ship hundreds of different bread products like Hamburger Buns, Pan Breads, Rolls, Subs, Table Breads and Dinner Rolls. Whether you’re looking for rolls to accompany a meal or buns for building the perfect sandwich, we can help you find the right bread solutions for all of your needs.

We stand by the taste and quality of every one of our products, so you can count on us to fill all your bread needs. That means one call to make, one shipment to schedule and one company dedicated to baking you bread that meets your high standards as well as your customers.

Service is our Specialty
Our highly involved level of service goes back to the idea that as a customer, you’re part of our family. For family, we just go above and beyond. We get to know your business and your needs, enabling us to bring you ideas and recommendations specific to you.

We make the process as smooth and easy as possible. For a further understanding of the service we provide, click here to go to our Service page.

Our History
Jim and Gail Rosen opened Highland Baking Co. in Highland Park, IL in 1984 with only 5 employees. The company has grown since then moving from Highland Park to Lincolnwood to our current 250,000 sq. ft. facility in Northbrook to opening a second plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but we’ve never gotten away from the ideals of those modest beginnings: provide a quality product and exceptional service and always treat your customers and team members like family.